About us

We believe that what helps business, helps people. That’s why since 2012, BCI Media Services has been helping small and medium-sized local businesses leverage the power of the Internet to find, connect and engage with customers.

What We Do

Marketing your business to attract new customers and keep current customers engaged is the lifeblood of your business.  As vital as this is, it’s likely that you are too busy running your business to stay ahead of Internet marketing changes and trends.  We do that for you.

How It Works

BCI Media Services works side-by-side with you to find the right solutions to achieve results.  We can provide broad coverage across many Internet marketing areas—or we can go deep into the areas where you need more focused help.

The Tellzea platform is the perfect marriage of all things local, social, loyalty based and more. The platform is the perfect starting point for the local businesses they cater to. With the Tellzea platform and the expanded suite of Digital Marketing Agency products and services available from BCI Media Services, they have positioned themselves as the epicenter of all things local-marketing.

- Kelly Benish, VP of Sales and Marketing at Search Influence, Column Contributor at Street Fight

From The Blog

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Google Plus provides potential areas for optimization and packs a pretty big SEO punch. More than that, G+ is easy to use and allows your business to directly interact with clients and expand your fanbase.

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Image optimization can help your site rank in image search results. Choose the best images and boost your site’s rankings.

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The BCI Media Services blog breaks down the concept of duplicate content and the negative effects it has on your human and nonhuman site viewers.

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